Custom Framing

Framing Plus can frame anything and everything.

But why would you choose custom framing over a store bought pre-made frame? We offer you a greater choice of frame mouldings, a fantastic selection of matboard colours, quality glasses that help conserve your art and protect it from light damage, and the ability to make the frame fit the art, not make your art fit the frame.

Most importantly we bring all these things together to create a unique frame that will really show off whatever it is you want framed. And we really can frame anything and everything, from oil and watercolour paintings to war medals and memorabilia, embroideries to photographs.

If you'd like to have a look at what frame mouldings are available before you come in and talk to us, here are links to our supplier's catalogues. If you find that perfect frame, just make a note of the product number so we can make sure we get it for you if we don't have it in store.

Larson Juhl Catalogue

Crawford's Catalogue

Avon Framing Supplies Catalogue

Find something you like? Click here if you'd like us to send you a quote.

Too much choice? Or still a bit unsure? We're here to help you. Bring in whatever it is that you'd like framed and we can go through our selection of frame mouldings and matboards and find that perfect combination. Our workshop and gallery is at 78 Union Street, Milton. Click here for our hours.